Bow and scrape

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Idiomatic translations of "Bow and scrape"

Ağır başlı olmak

Meanings of "Bow and scrape"


To be very humble and subservient.

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"Bow and scrape" i sångtexter

Linton Kwesi Johnson - If I Was a Top-Notch Poet

I will not bow and scrape
And groan like a ape

Stuck in the Sound - Let's Go

Silence's on I attempt
Bow and scrape, toe the line
Never get back together

James Blunt - I Really Want You

Is a poor man rich in solitude, or will Mother Earth complain?
Did the beggar pray for a sunny day, but Lady Luck for rain?
They say a million people bow and scrape to an effigy of gold.
I saw life begin and the ship we're in and history unfold.

Aladdin (OST) [2019] - Prince Ali

he has seventy-five white monkeys (he keeps monkeys, show us those monkeys!)
and the entrance is completely free
he has slaves who bow and scrape
they love him much

Berserk (OST) - 一切は物語 (Issai wa Monogatari)

演じきるcycle of reincarnation 
bid farewell to me ”さよなら” 
深々とbow and scrape 

Napalm Death - One-Eyed

- they are paying
Should stoop ever lower,
bow and scrape - they are paying

Robert Long - Come on, chaps

Come on, chaps, just carry on,
You'll manage to smash everything!
Bow and scrape in front of authorities!
Don't provoke conflict!