Bright Eyes - Reinvent The Wheel


Reinvent The Wheel

My friend you were the model
A priceless work of art
Boys would fashion their emotions,
To the pattern of your heart
And I heard you wrote that record
For a girl you loved, that died
I'm here sewing mine together,
Just hoping your'e alive
And I know you'll never come back now
To the world where people are
Cuz you never understood
What they loved you for
Now ghosts they have their secrets
And they'll tell them to a few
So you could never pay attention
When they're whisperin' at you
There were many talents you possesed
That I wished myself to have
But the way your eyes would gloss over
Well I never envied that
And I doubt you'll ever come back now
From where ever it is you are
Cuz you never understood
What we loved you for
I'm sure the T.V. sets will tell us
When someone reinvents the wheel
Till then i'll have a million conversations
About shit that isn't real
But i'll try to breath in meaning
Dig deep to every gasp of air
Cuz I know you did the same thing for
As long as you could bear
I guess everything just circles round
To where it was before
So I hope I see you soon
In some other form
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