Buffalo Springfield - Broken Arrow


Broken Arrow

[Verse 1]
The lights turned on
And the curtain fell down
And when it was over
It felt like a dream
They stood at the stage door
And begged for a scream
The agents had paid
For the black limousine
That waited outside in the rain
Did you see them
Did you see them?
Did you see them in the river?
They were there to wave to you
Could you tell that
The empty quivered
Brown skinned indian on the banks
That were crowded and narrow
Held a broken arrow?
[Verse 2]
Eighteen years of american dream
He saw that his brother
Had sworn on the wall
He hung up his eyelids
And ran down the hall
His mother had told him
A trip was a fall
And don't mention babies at all
[Verse 3]
The streets were lined
For the wedding parade
The queen wore the white gloves
The county of song
The black covered caisson
Her horses had drawn
Protected her king
From the sun rays of dawn
They married for peace
And were gone
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