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Chanson inédite ( översättning till engelska)

  • Artist: Michèle Torr
  • Låt: Chanson inédite
översättning till engelska engelska
/ franska

Unreleased Song

It can't be played on the piano
It doesn't come from this micro
It's not even in a drawer
Nor in a guitar's body
It waits for me behind the curtain
Short after the last applause
The one that nobody's written for me
This funny unreleased song
That comes and breaks my heart
And that makes me want to stay
On the stage in the dark
It doesn't give a damn about my show
About critics and tempo
The one that doesn't see me as an artist
And that I'll quietly sing to myself
Later in a restaurant
The one that tells this life of mine
This funny unreleased song
It removes in no time the makeup
From my face and my feelings
The one that comes along to my room
Into my car and to the hotel
It doesn't pay compliments
It doesn't always see me beautiful
And yet it's my favourite
It's not a rock or a slow
It's not played on the radio
I signed its lyrics and music
A funny unreleased song
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Chanson inédite

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