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Honey, you're snoring

Me I would never have believed
That I would think about divorcing
But the idea came to me
Near the end of the honeymoon night
It isn't that I hate you
Or that I want to see you die
It's just that you attack me
Each time that you breathe
No it isn't that you disgust me
Or that I can't smell you anymore
But try to sleep
In the shovel of a tractor
It isn't that you aren't nice
It's that you must have swallowed
When you were little
A Harley's engine
Honey, you're snoring
I've hit you with my knees
I've shaken you, I've turned you around
I did series of kicks on you
It didn't change anything at all
When you're close to strangling
There I scout in silence
Close to be hoping
And then "rron" you start again
I've worn earplugs
And granny beanie
But there are vibrations
Measurable on "Richter"
I bought you every brand
Of humidificator
To calm your horrors
Of amydalas slapping
And then I gagged your big slug face
Daring to pretext that it was a fantasy
When I pinch your nostrils
Until it hurts
It's the chops turn
To make "ppfff" as a horse
There would be the operation
Who would save our lives
But mister the stallion
Is afraid of scalpels
Could you explain to me
Entrust me with your secret
Tell me, did you transplant
Between the throat and the nose
A trash shredder... ?
There certainly is a way
A miracle potion
To give to the pigs
For them not to snort us
Me I would love you my frog
If it wasn't that you croak
If I swept your face
With big bulrush slaps
At first I was telling myself
That I was going to get used to it
But then I was ignoring
That you were about to get worse!
There, I understand the happiness
Your mother happiness at your wedding
She was dreaming that her child
That her child-without-muffler moved out
I will get you out of trouble
If you want me to take care
Of finding you a garage
Or a veterinarian
Otherwise go back to your mother's
With your hidden vice
I'll tell her to remake you
And then to make an effort!
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Chéri, tu ronfles

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