Cinderella (OST) - The Face That I See in the Night


The Face That I See in the Night

Prince Charming: Each night as I lie lost in slumber
With the light of the moon in my face
The wind starts to hum, a voice whispers "come"
And I find that I'm wandering through space
I walk and the wind seems to guide me
I search through the vauge, faltering light
And then, as my heart leaps inside me
Comes the face that I see in the night
I glow with a warm, tender feeling
My eyes can't believe what they see
So sweet, so completely appealing
Is the face in the night haunting me
She smiles and my cares drop behind me
I rise to a thrill that endures
Her lips softly whisper
Cinderella (offscreen): Come find me and forever and ever I'm yours
Prince Charming: I look into eyes that implore me
I hunger for lips that invite
Then away in the darkness before me
Goes the face that I see in the night
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"The Face That I See in the Night" was a deleted song from Cinderella that was to have been a solo for Prince Charming, in which he sang about the dreams he continued to have about Cinderella after she mysteriously disappeared following their evening spent together at the Ball.