Stefanie Heinzmann🇨🇭– 01 – "Masterplan" (Album Tracklist)

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Stefanie Heinzmann🇨🇭– 01 – "Masterplan" (Album Tracklist)

Stefanie Heinzmann's first studio album was released in 2008. It reached the top of the Swiss album charts and also did well in Germany and Austria peaking at no. 3 and no. 5 respectively.

The following editions with different track listings have been released:

💿 original album (2008)
💿 November 2008 reissue [RE]
💿 Limited "pure" edition [LPE]
💿 Limited "deluxe" edition [LDE]

Additional bonus tracks on LDE:

18 - "Only So Much Oil in the Ground" (live with Tower of Power)
19 - "Like a Bullet" (unplugged remix)

Track 01 [O, LDE]
Track 02 [RE]

written by Hannah Robinson, James Manners, Silje Haugum Nymoen and Steve Lee

Track 02 [O, LDE]
Track 03 [RE]

written by Markus Sepehrmanesh, Tommy Tysper and Pauline Olofsson

📻 first single

Översättningar:   tyska

Track 03 [O, LDE]
Track 04 [RE]

written by Henrik Korpi, Jens Bergmark, Niara Scarlett and Mattias Franzen

📻 second single

Track 04 [O, LDE]
Track 05 [RE]

written by Marek Pompetzki and Paul NZA

Track 05 [O, LDE]
Track 06 [RE]

written by Blair Mackichan

Track 06 [O, LDE]
Track 07 [RE]

written by Carl Falk, Chris Braide and Bryn Christopher

Track 07 [O, LDE]
Track 08 [RE]

written by Joby Baker, Alexandra Malliot and Amanda Malliot

📻 third single

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Track 08 [O, LDE]
Track 09 [RE]

written by Negon, Jay Jay and Goldie

Track 09 [O, LDE]
Track 10 [RE]

written by Will Simms and Stuart Pridel

Track 10 [O, LDE]
Track 11 [RE]

written by Andreas Jensen and Julia Coles

Track 11 [O, LDE]
Track 12 [RE]

written by Diane Warren

Track 12 [O, LDE]
Track 13 [RE]

written by Stephen Kupka and Emilio Castillo (Tower of Power cover)

Track 13 [O, LDE]
Track 14 [RE]

written by D. Krippaehne

Track 14 [O, LDE]

written by Claudio Heinzmann and Stephanie Heinzmann

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Track 14 [LPE]
Track 15 [LDE]
Track 01 [RE]

written by Kirk Hammett, Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield (Metallica cover)

📻 fourth single

Track 16 [LDE]

written by Stevie Wonder (cover)