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  • Anna Vissi

    Μια αγάπη φωτιά → översättning till engelska

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Μια αγάπη φωτιά

Και ξάφνου,
κάτι από μέσα μου βαθιά,
σαν κλάμα παιδικό μοιάζει να ακούγεται...
Και κάνει την καρδιά μου να σκιρτά
κι, ο θάνατος, ζωή μέσα μου γίνεται
Και με ξυπνάει!
Καρδιά που φτερουγίζεις
πέτα... Πέτα
στην αγκαλιά του μέσα!
Θέλω πάλι να βρεθώ·
Μη χάνεις λεπτό!
Μη χάνεις λεπτό!
Μη χάνεις λεπτό!

A Love Like Fire

And suddenly,
Something deep inside me
Sounds like a child's cry...
And it makes my heart leap
And death, it becomes life within me
And wakes me up!
Oh, fluttering heart of mine
Do fly... Fly
Right into his embrace!
I want to find myself again:
Do not waste a single minute!
Do not waste a single minute!
Do not waste a single minute!
Översättningar av "Μια αγάπη φωτιά (Mia..."
engelska Metodius
SchlimazlSchlimazl    Lör, 01/04/2023 - 20:26

Like a crying child, seems to make itself heard> It sounds like the cry of a child
tremble>leap ( it's about a sudden movement, a sudden, unexpected beat)
A fire of love> A love like fire ( lit. "a fire love")
Burns secretly in me> It's burning me secretly
In this macabre place> In a macabre place
Flows out from my eyes> runs down my eyes
Right into his embrace!
I want us to meet again:> I want to be/ to find my self
right into his embrace/arms

   Lör, 01/04/2023 - 20:57

Gosh, that was quite an onslaught, LOL!

Thanks for the corrections. It's evident that I am not a native speaker and I've studied Greek for a very short time.

Anyway, I must admit that I am mystified by some of the lines. For example: σαν κλάμα παιδικό μοιάζει να ακούγεται... I would have translated this as 'appears to sound like a child's cry'. The use of the verb μοιάζω has me baffled!

Also, Θέλω πάλι να βρεθώ - if it referred to Mala herself, wouldn't you need a reflexive pronoun like εμένα in order for it to make sense? Otherwise, it wounds like she wants to find Charles' embrace, or Charles himself (then again, wouldn't this need another pronoun to indicate the Direct Object's substitution?). I'm truly confused, now.

Well, I've already made all the changes you've suggested.

Have a lovely weekend. Regular smile

SchlimazlSchlimazl    Sön, 02/04/2023 - 08:35

The translation is fine, you got the meaning. You may do the changes only if you want to stay as close as possible to the text. Who is Mala, who is Charles? Hehe

Θέλω να βρεθώ στην αγκαλιά του> Ι want to be ( actually να βρεθώ here means to move into his arms, to stop being here and go there, encontrarme ( not ser, neither estar), something like that. Appear unexpectedly. ( We describe dreams using βρέθηκα. " Και ξαφνικά, βρέθηκα σε ένα δάσος": in our dreams we just find ourselves somewhere, just like that, in media res, without knowing how did we get there). This is why I said "to find my self" to make you understand the meaning in a way you would understand....the english verb "to be" it's a rather static one, if you ask me)

May I also add that the wrong place of the exclamation mark in the greek lyrics, creates an extra problem ( I am happy you got it right in the translation, though)

στην αγκαλιά του μέσα!
Θέλω πάλι να βρεθώ·">

Στην αγκαλιά του μέσα
θέλω πάλι να βρεθώ."

SchlimazlSchlimazl    Sön, 02/04/2023 - 08:51

ohh "I find myself" illiterate once again. I didn't know about " Mάλα-η μουσική του ανέμου". I had no idea. Sorry. I just needed to hear Vissi last night for some reason and .."βρέθηκα να ακούω" αυτό το τραγούδι Regular smile
So, it was a theatrical musical play where Vissi had the leading role. Καρβέλας, of course, wrote the music.

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