خوابِ نیم‌روزِ حاکم ظالم (Khābe nimrooze hākeme zālem) ( översättning till engelska)


خوابِ نیم‌روزِ حاکم ظالم

یکی از ملوک بی‌انصاف پارسایی را پرسید: «از عبادت‌ها کدام فاضل‌تر است؟» گفت: «تو را خواب نیم‌روز تا در آن یک نفس خلق را نیازاری»
ظالمی را خفته دیدم نیم‌روز
گفتم این فتنه‌ست خوابش برده، بِه
وآنکه خوابش بهتراز بیداری است
آن‌چنان بد زندگانی، مرده بِه
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A cruel ruler's afternoon nap

An unjust ruler asked a man of god "What will be the finest act of worship for me?" "The afternoon nap" replied the pious man"Since you don't hurt people during that short period "1
I saw a cruel one sleeping in the middle of the day
"this one better sleep than wrecking havoc" I thought
And when one's sleeping is better than being awake
Death suits him much more better than a sinister life
  • 1. Saadi's short stories in Golestan usually don't have a title.They are identified by a sequence no. The title is chosen by me
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I use a bit modified Persian orthography in poems/lyrics.

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Under construction ...

Flora LamaFlora Lama    Tis, 27/07/2021 - 15:19

Love it! Can i use your translation since i don't know persian? I will translate it into greek, and perhaps in spanish ( siesta is a spanish word Wink smile ) . I saw that i need your approval to do so.

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No worries. I understand, you can base your translation on other translations in other languages in LT. All you need to do, is to put a link to that translation in the author's comments section of your translation. Something like "Based on the English translation here 'Link to the English translation' ".

Flora LamaFlora Lama    Tis, 27/07/2021 - 16:14

Thank you. I always do that ! Regular smile Keep up translating, please Wink smile

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