A Dança ( översättning till engelska)

översättning till engelska engelska

The Dance

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I don't know what it's rights
I can only see prejudice
And your new costume
It's only a new costume
You don't have ideas
To keep up with the fashion
Treating the girls
Like trash
Or then rare species
Only belongs to you
Or then rare species
That you don't respect
Or then rare species
That's only a object
To use and throw away
After enjoyment
You are so modern
You think you're so modern
But you're like your parents
It's only age question
After this phase
Whatever and whatever.
You with your drugs
And your theories
And your rebeldy
And your loneliness
Live with your excesses
But you don't have money anymore
To buy another escape
Get out of home, so
So it's another party
It's another friday
Damn the future
You have a whole life
You are so smart
You are so right
But you didn't dance
With real anger
You are so smart
You are so right
That you'll never go wrong
But life leaves scars
Take care
If you someday you get screwed
We are so modern
We are so sincere
We hide ourselves more and more
It's only age question
After this phase
Whatever or whatever.
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2nd track of Legião Urbana's debut album Legião Urbana


A Dança

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