Dead and gone

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Idiomatic translations of "Dead and gone"

Dead and buried
Mort et enterré
Mort et bien mort
gäliska (skotsk gäliska)
marbh fon ùir
Già bello che morto
Morto e sepolto
Muerto y enterrado
Muerto y bien muerto

Meanings of "Dead and gone"


Someone is definitely going to be punished or receive repercussions for his actions.

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Aus und vorbei - Tod und weg... in der Bedeutung von endgültig vorbei

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Aber durchaus auch im wörtlichen Sinn: Tot und vergangen (verblichen) - Hansi K_Lauer 1 år sedan

Πεθαμένος, ξεχασμένος

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Μπορεί και να ερμηνευτεί και ως "Χαμένος στην λήθη (του χρόνου)". - makis17 2 år sedan
Ακόμη και αυτός (ο βασιλιάς) κάποια στιγμή στο πέρασμα του χρόνου θα λησμονηθεί. Κομματάρα...πάντως! :P - makis17 1 år sedan

Πεθαμένος, λησμονημένος

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Ölüp gitmek, yok olmak

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"Dead and gone" i sångtexter

Ashnikko - Hi, It's Me

I'm single now let me drunk dance on the tabletop
Let me be wild now, just let me be hysterical
Old me is dead and gone, I just went and buried her, like

The Strumbellas - Salvation

Even when the day is done
I will be the one you can go to
Even when I'm dead and gone
I will always watch out for you now

Oscar Benton - Different Dreams

Our honeymoon is over
And the best days of our love
Are dead and gone
Instead of growing closer

DECO*27 - Ghost Rule

an empty shell built of lies

I'm just a wandering spirit, dead and gone
A blank void, empty as can be

Gavaudan - Gentlemen, it is because of our sins

you can be sure that, together with the Spanish,
we'll part the mass, and the heads,
until we have them dead and gone;
then the gold will be split among us.

Queen - All Dead, All Dead (Hybrid Version)

Memories, memories
How long can you stay
To haunt my days

Klergy - Start a War

My God, my God (my God)
If history is dead and gone
Then how did we get here, my God (my God)

Moby - Flower

Gotta tear the ground

Old miss Lucy's dead and gone
Left me here to weep and moan

Ray Charles - Say No More

It's too bad
There is much more we could have done!
But now those days are dead and gone
Nothing lasts!

Black Pistol Fire - Suffocation Blues

I'm dead and gone
Well you do me wrong
I'm dead and gone
Way you do me wrong

Skillet - Victorious

Don't wanna be forgotten
When I'm dead and gone
I just want to be the one who

The Lumineers - Leader Of The Landslide

Please believe me, don't answer when she calls
The only thing I know is that we're in too deep
And maybe when she's dead and gone I'll get some sleep

Queen - All Dead All Dead

Of course I don’t believe
You’re dead and gone
All dead and gone

Seiko Matsuda - Sweet memories (English version)

That brings back those memories
All of the ones that I
Thought were all dead and gone
But then I guess that time has a hold of

Tinashe - All Hands On Deck

Done this to death do us apart
I watch you fold like a house of cards
Kiss the old me goodbye she's dead and gone dead and gone dead and gone
One by one, I watch you fall down, watch you fall like dominoes

Three Days Grace - The Mountain

Another night I'm barely holding on
One step away from being dead and gone
In my life to die another day

Sea Shanties - Stormalong John

Oh, poor old Stormy's dead and gone
Storm along boys! Storm along John!
Oh, poor old Stormy's dead and gone
Ah-ha, come along get along

BANNERS - Ghosts

Oh, hard to believe
It's said and done, hard to believe
It's not dead and gone
I want to believe

My Chemical Romance - Welcome To The Black Parade

We'll carry on
We'll carry on
And though you're dead and gone believe me
Your memory will carry on

Lord Huron - Wait by the River

Though I can't wait forever
Someday I'll be dead and gone
And I won't be forgiven