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    Der dicke Dachdecker

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The roofer roofed the thick roof.

The fat roofer covers the roof.

Not my roof, no, the neighbour's roof.

That woke me up at eight o'clock this morning already!

I never thought how much noise that makes.
I wonder what he's trying to achieve with that noise,

the fat roofer, who's covering that roof,

and why doesn't he cover the roof
a little more gently
and is that going to go on all day today.
I'll be quite specific: this roofer is
a real pain in the ass
with his electric roof tile cutter
from Black & Decker.
Unfortunately, he works with it from morning till night.
I`ll go right over there and complain,
before this goes on forever
and I´ll pull the plug!
But even the next day – oh, my God! –
from eight o'clock on the roof is being covered again.
I am rudely torn from my night´s rest
by the fat roofer's noisy comeback.
But while I am watching from the quarterdeck
as he covers the roof there,
I notice: oh, he's doing it right!
The roof is becoming more and more of a magnificent object!
Respect! I look over
and admire the roofing tactics.
Hey, this guy could actually write a book on
roofing didactics!
Since then the fat roofer and I are
in perfect harmony, Bro!
And immediately, I wish wholeheartedly he would
cover my roof soon!

Der dicke Dachdecker

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