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My Lucky Day

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Soon it will come,
my lucky day
I know that before my death comes
I'm sure that my luck will change
When I was a child my mother died,
All alone with the old man she left me.
He told me I would never be alone
because he wasn't expecting a sickness.
At ten years old, father died,
he went with mama to the great beyond.
And the people seeing me cry would tell me
Don't cry, child, for your luck will change
And when will that be?!
Waiting for my luck, I stayed
but my life took another course
Surviving in a reality
that I can not escape
To eat one must look in the real world
Although this is one strict society.
in jail I wrote my friend
don't be in a hurry for your luck will change.
You will see.
Now I find myself in my loneliness
Wondering what will be of my life
I dont have a place to return to
and nobody I want to be with.
If destiny betrays me again
I swear I wont fail
I'm tired of so much waiting
and I'm certain my luck will change
and when will that be!?
I suffered that part of my life
without a complex of inferiority
But that did not tire me to wait
because, well, one day God will help me out
and the day that that happens, listen here.
The entire world I will help
Because early or late you will see.
like on the day my luck arrives
and soon you will see.
Many times I sit and contemplate
That I never did any wrong to anyone
because life, like that, makes me try
if what I search for is happiness.
I will try to complement humanity
but my joy has been fatal
I don't lose the hope to continue trying
and certain that my luck will change
but when will that be!?
Waiting for life to pass
This martyrdom will not endure
and I ask, until when will this last?
Perhaps if I can endure
If destiny betrays me once again
I swear I will not fail
I am tired of all this waiting
and I sure that my luck will change
but when will that be?
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The translations I kept finding were so off! so I decided to fix them, its a beautiful song so enjoy!


El día de suerte

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