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Everybody ( översättning till engelska)

  • Artist: Leslie Cheung (張國榮, 张国荣, Cheung Kwok-wing, Zhang Guo Rong)
  • Låt: Everybody


我的天 我的地 到底想爱谁
这也好 那也好 爱落花流水
就是你 就是我 触电的感觉
没有爱 没人陪 心就要枯萎
我的天 我的你
Everybody 闭上双眼 真爱不会改变
不要白天 不要黑夜 总有相爱一天
Everybody 天上人间 你要怎样都对
心在打雷 爱在出现 你是我的世界
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översättning till engelska engelska
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My God, who the hell do I want to love?
It's good, it's good, I love falling flowers
Who is happy and who is suffering
Don't worry about me, you can fly anywhere
If you love each other, don't regret
don't ask me who you love
It's you, it's me, the feeling of being electrocuted
No love, no one to accompany, the heart will wither
Not afraid of being anesthetized by love and being wiped out by love
I'm not afraid of who you will use your tears for
my god my you
need my comfort
need you my baby
Everybody close your eyes, true love won't change
Not day, not night, there will always be love one day
Everybody in heaven and earth, whatever you want is right
The heart is thundering, love is appearing, you are my world
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