Flaschenpost ( översättning till engelska)

översättning till engelska engelska

Letter in a bottle

I wrote it down with ink
rolled my secret thoughts up in paper
I will drunkenly stuff it into the bottle
gift it to waves with a toss
Now you think that it is love
that I entrusted the bottle
be surprised because it are the slaps1
that lustfully hit my bride2
Into the glass it pours
and you read what I want to give you
across the sea it drifts to you
full of lust3 the message in the bottle
I bend her over, please don't think badly of it
stuff a cloud under her belly
exactly because she doesn't expect it,
my darling gets the hose from behind
Into the glass it pours...
Like a swarm of bees I want to serve you
without stinging without avenging
offering and becoming horny
with what you're stingy is what entices me
Into the glass it pours...
The message in a bottle
full of lust it comes from me
the message in a bottle
  • 1. directly it would mean beating, but less fitting for the rest of the lyrics
  • 2. could also be translated as woman
  • 3. usually, "Gier" would be translated as greed, lust is a rarer use, but more fitting in this context
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