فلسطين تاج عالراس (Flisten Taj 3al Ras) ( översättning till engelska)

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فلسطين تاج عالراس

فلسطين تاج ع الراس
في العين وفي قلوب الناس
عشقي المجروح
وجوه الروح
حماها الله
وانا مهما روحت ولفيت
زي حضنك والله مالقيت
كل واحد شافك سمّا
وقال ماشاء الله
حبك يا بلادي في العين
واسمك محفور ع الجبين
حبك ايمان
وفكل مكان فخور فيكي
حيوه الوطن حيوه
اسم الوطن علوه
ف ارضك رجال تهز جبال
وين مانروح
معاكي الروح
ويشهد علينا الله
في جمالك قالوا الأشعار
وصفوكي وغنوكي كتار
ع صوت اليرغول
وزريف الطول والدلعونا
غنَّينا بلادي يا حره
ميجانا عتابا وجفرا
بالكوفية والدحيه
قالوها كتار
يا اجمل دار
ولازيك في بلاد الله
بيه يا بيه بيه يا بيه
حياهم الله الفلسطينيه
فلسطينية نزلوا ع الساحه
و الكوفيه بيديهم لواحة
دلعونا دلعن دلعن دلعونا
سمعونا صوت الخشب سمعونا
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Palestine, Crown on the Head

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Palestine, crown on the head
In the eyes and the souls of the people
The love of the injured
And in the soul
God has protected it
And no matter where I went or turned
Like your embrace, which has never faltered
Everyone saw you
And said "Praise is to God"
My love for you, my country, is in my eye
And your name is engraved on my forehead
My love for you is like my faith
And everywhere, I am proud of you
Here is the Homeland, here it is
The name of the Homeland is raised
In your lands, there are men that can shake mountains
Redeeming you
Wherever we go
With you is our love
And God will witness it
Of your beauty, the poems talked
And they praise you and sang "Katar" (folk song) for you
To the sound of "Yurghool" (folk instrument)
And "Zareef At-Tool" (famous Palestinian song telling the diaspora to return) and the "Dala3ona" (folk song)
We sang about our country, o free one
"Mijana," "Ataba," and "Jafra" (Types of Palestinian folk music)
With a Keffiyeh and doing the "Dehiyeh"
You will find us
They sang "Katar"
Oh most beautiful homeland
There is nothing like you, in the land of God (ie all of existance)
Baya Ya Baya Baya Ya Baya (Sounds made in Arabic, has no meaning)
Here they are, God, the Palestinians
Palestinian have come down to the plaza(referring to the area on the Temple Mount surrounding the Dome of the Rock or the squares of the cities)
And the Keffiyeh, in their hands, is spinning
They embraced us, an embrace, an embrace, they embraced us
They heard us, the sound of the wood (referring to the stomping of boots on wooden floors during dabke), they heard
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