[SOLVED] Translated lyrics are marked as original lyrics

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Medlem: 09.08.2016
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Hello, I'm not familiar with the site interface yet, so I'm kind of lost on how to deal with this.

The english text of this song here:
have been copied from here:
which by the way also has the original text.

I would like to correct that the the original lyrics are in Akan and not in English, how do I do this?

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Medlem: 16.02.2011

Well, you can't since you did not add the lyrics nor are you a moderator or editor.
In cases like these, please report such problems, e.g. here:
I've fixed this, thanks for letting us know!

That's possibly the only song in Twi (or any Akan variety) in our database so far, so I've categorized it as "Other" and added it to our list of songs in "rare" languages:

Possibly also this song is in an Akan-language:
If you know, could you please tell me if that is the case?

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