National Anthems & Patriotic Songs
Italian Folk
Japanese Military Songs
Football Anthems Germany
Serbian Patriotic Songs
Ukrainian Patriotic Songs
Unknown Artist (French)
French Military Songs
The Internationale
Hymns of Philippine regions
Hymns of Philippine provinces
Mehteran Birliği
Indian State Anthems
Hymns of Philippine towns and cities
Football Anthems Italy
Yugoslav Partisan Songs
Chinese Military, Communist & Patriotic Songs
Bayern Munich
Der Michel
Polish Patriotic Songs
Soviet Patriotic/Folk Songs
TSK Armoni Mızıkası
Ghanaian Patriotic Songs
Rugby Union Anthems International
Unknown Artist (Italian)
Football Anthems Poland
Philippine School Hymns
Deutsches Kaiserreich-Militärische Lieder (German Empire Military Songs)
Rugby League Anthems Australia and New Zealand
Japanese Military & Patriotic Songs
Football Anthems Spain
Russian Oblast Anthems
Football Anthems Turkey
Singaporean Patriotic Songs
Football Anthems Netherlands
Football Anthems France
Filipino Patriotic Songs
Communist Songs
AFL Anthems
British Military & Patriotic Songs
Ukrainian Oblast Anthems
Nigerian State Anthems
Football Anthems Portugal
Football Anthems Greece
Football Anthems Denmark
Russian Military & Patriotic Songs
American State Anthems
Political Party Anthems Ghana
ISPR - Pakistan Armed Forces
German State Anthems
Mongolian Military Song and Dance Academic Ensemble
Football Anthems Chile
Football Anthems Serbia
Football Anthems Mexico
Kazakh Patriotic Songs
Football Anthems Sweden
American Military & Patriotic Songs
NFL Anthems
Football Anthems Scotland
Hey, Slavs
Malaysian State Anthems
Italian Military & Patriotic Songs
Romanian Military & Patriotic Songs
Mongolian Patriotic Songs
Soch The Band
Football (Soccer) Anthems International
Football Anthems Argentina
Cricket Anthems International
AFL Anthems (State/Territory Leagues)
Bosnian Patriotic Songs
Anthems of the Eastern Bloc and Yugoslavia
Indonesian Patriotic Songs
Philippine Regional Anthems
Swedish Regional Anthems
Belarusian Patriotic Songs
Football Anthems Croatia
Jake Webber
Kyrgyz Patriotic Songs
D. Otgonjargal
Baseball Anthems USA
ADÇ Korosu
Indian Military & Patriotic Songs
Iranian Patriotic Songs
South Korean Military & Patriotic Songs
Ferdinand Radeck
Anirudh Ravishankar
Ethiopian State Anthems
Football Anthems Uruguay
Sarah Pacheco
Football Anthems Austria
Ibrahim Eskendir
Bruneian Patriotic Songs
Japanese Prefecture Anthems
Football Anthems Hungary
Malaysian Patriotic Songs
Ukrainian Military Songs
AGAPAO Worship
Dominic Muldowney
Finnish Regional Anthems

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