to hang out

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Meanings of "to hang out"


to hang around; to lounge about; to spend (waste) time relaxing or enjoying oneself.

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"to hang out" i sångtexter

JONY - Alley

Writing about you inhaling nicotine.

Friends called to hang out with them,
There is nothing to lose.

LEA - Whenever We See Each Other

And you look incredible in the hoodie too
Whenever I think of you, you take my breath away
I'd love to hang out with you, but I don't dare ask

Twice - Likey

I pretend I’m not, but I still feel sad
I’m sulking cuz you’re not responding
My insensitive friends are asking me to hang out
Oh wait wait I finally got an answer Woo

TheOdd1sOut - Life is Fun

[98 percent of what you learn is a waste]

I get to hang out with all my friends (ya!)
My friends are the friendliest friends

Severina - Over Before It Started

I have hands to drink with them
I have a room to hide myself inside it
To hang out with no one there

Marama - Crazy

You become crazy
At night
You like to hang out with friends
A toast, cups up

LEA - Whenever we see each other

And you look incredible in a hoodie, too.
Whenever I think of you, you're taking my breath away.
I'd like to hang out with you so much, but I don't dare to ask.(//)

Wael Kfoury - I Saw Someone Who Looked Just Like You

that we used to listen to together?
do you still go to the place
where we used to hang out?

K.Will - Day 1

What are you doing today? Are you busy?
If not, do you want to hang out with me?
I have something to tell you, it’s nothing special

Monsta X - Oi

I’m ready so Let’s get ride let it wild

Don’t need to hang out with losers
They ask, who’s this? A scary rookie

Gusttavo Lima - A good gig/party

Gata, call me later ballad has
I want to hang out with you at dawn
Dancing, skipping today will roll.

Koba LaD - Lifestyle

[Verse 1]
I remember I had nothing, I used to hang out every day in building 7
I would go from joint to joint, when I was hot I would go steal


Ah, I don't wanna think about stuff I hate
So I eat the stuff I like
The cute girl gets invited to hang out with the flashy guy
But why? I'm just being honest

Omer Adam - Your Girlfriends 2

Tell me, what's the deal with her? What's the deal with all you girls?
What is this? Tell me, what is this?
She just wants to hang out all day long

Aladin 135 - Freestyle

My brains are electric, I come from another galaxy.
An electric mind, I'll end up a king in paradise.
They want to hang out with the ones I'm hanging out with (ah)
Do the girls I'm fucking (ah)

Pantelis Pantelidis - Brothel

Audition is forbidden for those who didn't hold on
Audition is forbidden for those who made me bleed
I went to the place where we used to hang out at nights
I heard that playground was demolished

Krovostok - Biography

At 11 I get laid for the first time
Then I bailed on parents
Began to hang out with friends at the dump
A boots and military jacket

MISSH - I'll say this only once

But now baby we've came to this, you're packing
The things you did with me, now you're gonna pay
But I doesn't worry me anymore with who you're going to hang out

Meghan Trainor - Just A Friend To You

When there's other people around
You never wanna kiss me
You tell me it's too late to hang out
And you say you miss me

Kendji Girac - Preaching

I see you in the street, walking around
You're already to buy yourself that Cayenne *
You'd like to hang out all the time, your pockets full,
But you do nothing, seven days a week.