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My ghost lover

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Is it punishment or suffering
Won't my guard duty ever come an end which i did for years
I'm like a little snowflake
Which melting in your palm,
Come back baby...
If i see your teardrops,my wings would melt
I can't fly to you in your dreams
Eternity'd started with you in this my little world
Don't forget that when you went I mired down
I'm in desert I'm burning, I'm in pole I'm freezing
It's my punishment I'm serving this,please come back
I'm reaching but I can't hold
I'm missing I'm crying
Are you forbidden to me I can't understand, please come back
Doesn't matter if you don't love me, I miss your voice
If I say go,(please) don't go.
Is this longing or suffering that i suffering for years
Are you forbidden to me , if I can only know
My baby,
My ghost lover...
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Hayalet Sevgilim

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