at heart

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"at heart" i sångtexter

Eros Ramazzotti - Cose della vita (The matters of life)

that slowly passes me by

if our hearts miss a beat
or get lost like a ship at sea

Zazie - I am a man

You see, I'm not a man
I am the king of illusion
At heart, may I be forgiven,
I am the king, the king of fools

Bebel Gilberto - Blessed Samba

in lyrics
it's all too black
at heart

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts (OST) - Magic Everywhere [Disneyland Paris]

Memories you'll keep long after
Disneyland's the place where joy lights up each face there
Where young at heart share the dreams to be found from the start…
Magic everywhere!

Reik - I Found Out!

And tell him
That I am better...
That you are not faithful, at heart
That you’re mine and only mine to love.

Vijay Prakash - Hosanna

If you break my heart to hurt me
I will give you my second heart for you to break

Pocahontas (OST) - The air of the wind

have need of pure air
and who cares about the color of their skin?
We all sing at heart the colors ,the songs of the mountain
Dreaming of being able to paint on the air of the wind

Thalía - Mexican-style love

Mexican-style love...
Oh, I want your love at the bottom of my heart
Mexican-style love...

Damien Saez - My European

She is from where we are from, wherever we come from

She is Barcelona at heart
She is Venice, she is Verona

Shoji Meguro - Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There

The fakers
Are all sick at heart
Their faces hiding their fear

Enrique Iglesias - Quizas

Although I confess that in my life, there is much solitude (lonlieness)

At heart, you and I, we are almost the same

Selena - I Don't Want to Know

There's a place full of music and fun
That's why I am only inviting the young at heart

Die Firma - The One 2005

And shorty, never mind all that, nothing beats your style.
We're like Sailor and Luna, we're wild at heart.[fn]This is a reference to the movie "Wild at Heart" by David Lynch[/fn]
And every relationship goes through a crisis now and then, kid,

Ermal Meta - Another time to risk

It's said that you never really need to trust,
but who says it doesn't know that there's
still space in his heart.
We aren't the first nor the last ones.

Powerwolf - Incense and iron

In the dark of damnation.
Pious in head
And a demon at heart.
Sworn to the night,

Nazem Al-Ghazali - Mayhana Mayhana

Tears pour down ... tears pour down from eyes the soul is
parched. The one who I give my soul in her place in death unjustly left me sick at heart.

Kontra K - Soldiers 2.0

This aura is concrete
And I'm just thankful to God for what is still to come
Soldiers, but children at heart
Grounded like asphalt, but flying away like the wind

Carla's Dreams - Like Gasoline

No intime scars, I have four Large and seven small ones too
From you I want one here
Besides my heart

Hamilton (musical) - Farmer Refuted

Who scream
Revolution, they
Have not your interests at heart.
Chaos and bloodshed are not

Simple Minds - Don't You (Forget About Me)

I'll be alone dancing, you know it, baby
Going to take you apart
I'll put us back together at heart, baby