Heart to heart

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Idiomatic translations of "Heart to heart"

من القلب للقلب
по душам
Kalp kalbe
Kio iras el koro, venas al koro.
od srca srcu
Hjärta till hjärta

Meanings of "Heart to heart"


To be sincere, open, intimate, honest.

"After our heart-to-heart, we became friends again."

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"Heart to heart" i sångtexter

Roselia (BanG Dream!) - Ringing Bloom

Heart to heart 立ち昇る情熱に不乱の魂[fn]「何の魂?」か「未来の魂」かも[/fn] 皆の声が私の声となるとき
世界でたったひとつの想いを 抱きしめよう (forever pride)[fn]「DoかPleaseか(主格の人称代名詞)('ll) never cry」かも[/fn]
Heart to heart 一糸纏わぬ本音が導いた 目覚めるような千紫万紅の歌よ[fn]「千思万考の歌よ」「sentiments この歌よ」かもしれないが、bloomつまり花に関するのでこれを選んだ[/fn]
刹那に満ちる愛しさとともに 乗り越えた運命(さだめ)[fn]漢字未確定[/fn]は未来へと

Friedrich Schiller - Song of the Bell

The ringing will be good and strong.
So test therefore, who join forever,
If heart to heart be found together!
Delusion is short, remorse is long.

Roselia (BanG Dream!) - Ringing Bloom

Heart to heart, a curling up pillar of passion and the soul of unstinting application
Let's embrace the only feelings in the world when our voice becomes my voice (It's forever pride)
Heart to heart, unclad real intention led an awakening song where bloom flowers of various hues
The sad fate gotten over with my love filled in a moment

Brigitte Bardot - Me I play

But you , do you want it ?
From all my heart
I want to win at this heart-to-heart
You know my game by heart

Amr Diab - Africa (أفريقيا)

For all to meet again
With love and peace again
We gather heart to heart
In brotherhood of men

Brigitte Bardot - I play

I would like to play a game with you.
But... Do you want?
Sincererly, I want to win this heart to heart.
You know my game by heart...

Jack Savoretti - Only You

You learned to say what's on your mind
Now we make our loving memories
Living heart to heart
Glowing like an open fire

Jack & Jack - No one compares to you

I'm looking at her face but I'm seeing you (I'm seeing you)
She's sleeping on your side, what can I do (what can I do)
We should be heart to heart, my mind is on you
I try, I really do

Max Barskih - Half-Undressed

The wind of change is blowing past us
I'll hold onto this moment; forget the hour
Stay silent with me, as if we were heart-to-heart
Here there's no need for words

Brigitte Bardot - Me I Play

But, oh! Do you want to?
With all my heart
I’d like to win this heart to heart
But you know my game by heart

Andrea Bocelli - Sea-lad(By the sea)

By the sea
we make love,
heart to heart
having a good time

Toygar Işıklı - Söz Olur

There is a way heart to heart
Sometimes love seems with eyes
You not here, left and gone
I can't come with a shameless face

Super Junior - Islands

On top of my nervously shaking shoulders
You put your hands without a word on top of the water
Connecting us heart to heart,
Unfolding road for me

The Lion King (OST) [2019] - I Just Can’t Wait to Be King

<strong>Simba :</strong> Free to do it all my way

<strong>Zazu :</strong> I think it's time that you and I arranged a heart to heart
<strong>Simba :</strong> Kings don't need advice from little hornbills for a start

Gülşen - The favoritism

I wonder if you are mad at me
or wandered from heart to heart ?
I don't wanna that my gueries belie you

Gabriella Ferri - Rosamunda

Rosamunda, you make me happy
Rosamunda, you make me foolish
Under the stars, heart to heart,
How wonderful it is to make love

Sergio Dalma - To Dance Closely

Just like the sea dances
With dolphins
Heart to heart
Two dancers in a room

Sonu Nigam - We'll Meet Again, Someday

Oh beautiful, with flaxen hair<fn>lit. With long hair</fn>, You're my love.
Wether people will call me wild, I don't care.
As you roam around from heart to heart,
You make my heart apart, apart<fn>lit. My heart says Yahoo!</fn>

Beatrice Egli - My Heart

Today I finally go dancing again
I feel again this heart to heart feeling and this rhythm
Then comes this man and takes me dancing

Mami Kawada - u/n

They now, join the world together.

Heart to heart
I always want to have it in this heart.