Ho capito che ti amo ( översättning till engelska)

översättning till engelska engelska (poetisk, rimmar, sångbar)

I have realized I loved you

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I have realized I loved you
You were late for our date and I got scared
Before that, I always thought I didn't care
But that day I was afraid you'd never come
I have realized I loved you
When a simple sentence that you uttered
Turned the boring night like many others
To a fairy tale with magic light all multi-colored
And imagine
Just recently I spoke
With somebody about love
I said that love is fiction, that I won't fall
Into this trap, not ever, I will never believe it
I've never been a dreamer
And, look, here I am
I have realized I loved you
It is way too late already to redo it
My indifference seems to be gone forever
I give up and towards my love, I'm now going
Detta är en poetisk översättning - avvikelser från originalet förekommer (ytterligare ord, ytterligare eller utelämnad information, utbytta koncept).
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Ho capito che ti amo

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