bread and butter

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Meanings of "bread and butter"


necessities, the main thing.

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ekmek parası

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"bread and butter" i låttexter

Ahmed Chawki (Marocco) - Habibi, I Love You

[Pitbull Rap]
I play this game closely
For the bread and butter, huh!
Yeah, they try to toast me

Tiësto - The Motto

Throwin' that money like you just won the lotto (Mhm)
We been up all damn summer (Oh)
Makin' that bread and butter
Tell me, did I just stutter?

Alice in Wonderland (OST) - Nel meriggio d'or [All In The Golden Afternoon]

Là che panfarfalle e bei tulipani1

  • 1. Ripreso dal gioco di parole inglese bread-and-butterfly.
    bread and butter = pane e burro.
    butterfly = farfalla.

Queen - Keep Yourself Alive

And I rode a million miles
Then I'd still be where I started
Bread and butter for a smile
Well I sold a million mirrors

Emma (Italy) - Love is not enough for me

By now I've been asking myself at what point we are for so long,
we were our forever, our bread and butter. But I'll make the right choice, because I'm dishonest. But it's been a long time since I started to feel that love is not enough for me. Love is not enough for me if you stop feeling it for me.

Syudou - Nightmare's Lullaby

I have these sick feelings in my heart, you see
Pain and resentment are just my bread and butter
A miserable song stabs my heart:

Rumi - Show Me Your Visage, Grant Me Orchards, Rose-Gardens

Grant me that source of fineness, that mine [of beauty]

Bread and butter time gives us is a flood, might not last
I’m a [big] fish,the Leviathan1,grant me the seven seas2

Soso Toloraia and Marika Tkhelidze - The country is in chaos

Without song I will probably disappear,
as the song is my constant companion.
It is what I take in place of bread and butter,
and I carry and go through this life with it.

Efecto Pasillo - Pan y mantequilla

Walk, every step of yours pollutes me
Move your hips like jelly
Divine waist, I'd eat you with bread and butter
Fire, a couple of honey rum shots and candles

RuPaul - Call Me Mother

Here come that girl, o-oh shit what up
(Give me twirl)
Give them twirl, that's the bread and butter
(Clutch them pearls)

Mohammed Aziz - My Name Is Lakhan

But those are hungry are mad
Don't be impressed by materialistic shines
Earn bread and butter by hard work
Believe what elders say

The Wiggles - A Frog Went A-Walking

What do you think they had for supper, uh huh
What do you think they had for supper?
Fried mosquito and bread and butter!
Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh...

Harry Enfield - Loadsamoney (Doin' Up the House)

[Verse 2]
D-D-Doin up the house is my bread and butter
Me bird's page three and me car's a nutter

Ahmed Mekky - The end of a wise guy

Overdo it Dude!!
Ok Mr. Mucho
We are top notch, if our bread and butter
are not good enough for you dude and you, belittle us

Mads Hansen - Summer body

It´s delicious
White bread and butter, that´s not healthy
But it´s delicious

Muddy York - I’ll Be A Tory / Up and Waur Them All, Willie

Its letter must be acted on—
And I’ll be Head upon the throne
Deal “bread and butter”—“pick the bone”
I’ll be the Constitution.

Ahmed Chawki (Marocco) - Habibi, I love you

[Pitbull Rap]
I play this game closely
For the bread and butter, huh!
Yeah, they try to toast me

Ahmed Chawki (Marocco) - Habibi I Love You (French Version)

I play this game closely
For the bread and butter huh!
Yeah they try to toast me

Hindi Children's Songs - Sleep Baby Sleep

Sleep baby sleep,
Butter, bread and sugar,
Butter and bread are finished
Sleep Baby sleep,

Georgios Souris - Woe you Greece

a little miserable, a little womanizer

It’s his bread and butter and even coffee
saying "never mind that” and "who gives a toss”