Go off the rails

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Idiomatic translations of "Go off the rails"

Yolunu azmaq
Sortir des clous
از راه بدر شدن

Meanings of "Go off the rails"


Xoşa gəlməz hərəkətlər etməyə başlamaq, hər şeydən əl çəkmək, cızığından çıxmaq, relsdən çıxmaq.

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To start to behave in a strange or unacceptable manner, e.g drinking or taking drugs, to lose control and stop functioning correctly.

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потерять самообладание; повести себя странным, ненормальным или совершенно неконтролируемым образом.

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"Go off the rails" i sångtexter

Tarkan - Send It

Grab my hands, my hope is on the brink of the abyss
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah keeping my feelings bottled up, I will take fire finally
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, as times go, I will go off the rails

Super Mario Odyssey (OST) - Jump Up, Super Star!

Here we go, off the rails
Don't you know it's time to raise our sails?
It's freedom like you never knew

Voyou - The sounds of the city

lost in the middle of a coral reef
and the city draws us into its depths
and you go off the rails.
Locked in a spiral.

Arcadian - Arcadian madness

You can find her anchored on my skin
Every evening she recovers
She will make for you go off the rails
The Arcadian madness

Tarkan - Send

Grab my hands, my hope is on the brink of the abyss
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah keeping my feelings bottled up, I will finally take fire
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, as time goes, I will go off the rails

Onurr - Lovers don't die

who says the night is deaf
squirm my inside
love go off the rails
Let's you love me

Notis Sfakianakis - Mediterranean

You've put me on a train that has no driver because you want to leave me
And when the rails go off the cliff, you won't be there to stop it. 1

Night is falling

  • 1. That's certainly one way to get rid of someone...

Gilad Segev - Now It's Alright

It's already getting late, after 19:30,
I'm alone, its getting dark outside,
Just before I fly off the rails,
I can feel us getting closer,

Jean Ferrat - We don't see time passing.

Between shopping and washing up
Between cleaning and lunch,
The world may go off the rails,
We don't have time to think about it.

El Cuarteto de Nos - Bipolar

I know that uno is spelled without H, that's what people do,
although I have days where I feel like the huno like Atila, 1
when the night dazzles me and makes me go off the rails,
I'm the last at the queue again.

  • 1. This part is based on a pun in Spanish using the homophone words Uno (one) and Huno (hune). Spanish H's are silent.

Disiz - I get off the rail

I go out of my hockey bag a harpoon
He says "Hm well ?"
I'm the kidda guy that go off the rails.
I've lost everything: My wife, my child, my job.

Jaira Burns - Burn Slow

A little crazy from the start
Fires like this can tear the world apart
I'd rather take a hit and fall
They never fuck it up with you at all

Mickaël Miro - My Scene-Maker/Affair

And does not talk about details,
it goes too far, devoted to serving the public,
that exaggeration, makes her go off the rails
Poor waiter, a bit dyslexic

Secta - Bomb the System

for all the rappers, I'm like the imp Fiut*,
I'm not responsible for the stench of a corpse, but I'm probably crazy,
when I go off the rails once I smell a gunpowder.
And your crowd of rebellion, uncle, feed it with pink phosphorus,

Letzte Instanz - Head or tails

Fear is agitating me and the silence around here
I'm leaving now
Otherwise I'll go off the rails
Into the pub

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (OST) - Topsy Turvy

The day in which everything is upside down
Nothing like this one had ever been seen before
And when all the people go off the rails
Those who think that they are clever lose their way

Elena Charamí - Learn to love

You can't caress dreams to find
That way that you're walking, you're going to go off the rails
You can't wait for black and white to pass