Incinme gönül incinme ( översättning till engelska)


Incinme gönül incinme

Turap ol karış tozlara
İncinme gönül incinme
Kulak verme her sözlere
İncinme gönül incinme
Turaplık cümlenin başı
Çiğnenmektir onun işi
Adulardan değer taşı
İncinme gönül incinme
Koy sana deli desinler
Her bir ay'bına gülsünler
Durmayıp zemin etsinler
İncinme gönül incinme
Turabi der doğan aylar
Geçinir yoksullar baylar
Herkes kemâlini söyler
İncinme gönül incinme
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översättning till engelska engelska (har kommenterat, poetisk)
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Don't Get Offended, My Heart!

Be sand, blend into dusts
Do not get offended my heart
Do not heed their words
Do not get offended my heart
Being the sand is the first thing
It is to be overrun
A tithe is worth more than foes
Do not get offended my heart!
Let them call you, sane
Let them laugh ever moment of yours
Let them even nudge you aside
Do not get offended my heart
Named Adam we are
Miserables keep living off
Everyone speaks as they worth
Do not get offended my heart
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Detta är en poetisk översättning - avvikelser från originalet förekommer (ytterligare ord, ytterligare eller utelämnad information, utbytta koncept).

-This is a poetic translation of a (most likely) poem in Turkish Language, meanings may seem to be coverted. Clauses or the text itself may seem to be incomprehensible. If you don't understand the translation at first look, please read it again. Rest assured there are so many words that have no equivalent into target language, when I catch one, I will annotate it or explain it at the ''Author's comment'' Section. Do not hesitate to ask anything about the poem. Thank you for the collobration.-

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