Înoată sau Mori ( översättning till engelska)

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Swim or Die

[1st Verse : Cheloo]
Grass goes well with beer, beer goes well with wine
I don't need any palaces built through agony
How can we live simply? It's complicated to say
I'll explain the same way I always did
This is the kind of pathway that disappears into the Sun
When you come across your footprints running away from the snowfall
Everything has become cheap, we will pay dearly
I'll jump off the curb head-first, startled by the wind
I feel like I've become more of an asshole and I like the way I am
I can finally admit my songs represent me
I talk about hate as if it were alive,
Don't try to breathe the air meant for me
If you got stuck in shit, swim or die
This is the advice through which you learn to fly
I can make you happilly nod your head
Make you hide, shivering with your eyes closed from under your bed
Laughing at your or laughing with you
We make you trip, picture cadavers on ice skates
Yells, screams, foaming, hate experienced intensely
Fights, lies, money, regrets that make no sense
Tears, frustration, oblivion and shortcomings,
Nights spend in front of the PC with cold vodka, Coca-Cola and chips
I went too far
And I've always won
I drank your share as well, but I left you the foam
What's a woman today? A blow-up doll with opinions
What's a beaten woman today? The whore of yesterday
Your psychology seems as simple as a felatio
When the devil grabs you by the balls and... hallelujah
I raped your mom, climbed up in a tuja
And I've finally found another bad rhyme aside from Puya
You'd say I'm fucked up? No, I'm quite well
I've burnt through six full joins since 3
I have a problem with my circulation and I don't know what I'm doing
And bad thoughts keep circulating through my head
There's days in which I notice it doesn't hurt
Humiliations don't pass and I'm stuck reminiscing
Obsessed with pride, obsessed with honor
And it's too bad mom, they made me great
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Înoată sau Mori

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