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    Ja, Schatz!

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Yes Dear!

We have been in love, it seems, forever.
You didn’t falter at the alter, now we’ll always be together.
So what more can I say?
I see you every single day.
So, Dear Lord, to you I have to pray,
How will I ever get away?
I don’t love her anymore,
she treats me like a fool!
She was the one that I adored,
how could she be so cruel?
She’s ignorant and rude
and always in a huff.
No matter what I do,
it’s never good enough
She’s such a silly cow,
all those evil games she’s playing!
I have to end it now,
but I just end up saying
„Yes, dear! You’re absolutely right.
Yes, dear! No, there’s no need to fight.
Yes, dear! I must learn to compromise.
Yes, dear! I apologize.“
Why do I always say
these things that I don’t want to?
Like on our wedding day,
I meant ‚I don’t‘ but said ‚I do‘.
She can go to Hell!
This has got to stop!
It’s time say „Farewell“...
I think it’s time to give her the chop...
Ah! Of course,
a great idea, I see!
Now listen, you old horse!
Next time you talk to me
and are annoying to the max ,
I’ll give you the chop, with my axe!
If you show remorse, when panic attacks
Too late! Here comes the axe!
You’ll never get to nag at me ever again,
I’m going to fetch it: my little hatchet!
I want you to stop dead in your tracks,
when I stand before you
with the axe, cos I’m on the edge of insanity!
With the axe, cos you treat me like a prison detainee!
With the axe – I can’t even have my friends around for tea!
The axe is the only language you understand, if you ask me!
I have dreamt for years
Of cutting one of your ears off.
Oh, what?! Poppycock!
I’ll cut both of them off.
I picture the vision
of how I make an incision
through the back of your neck
with my instrument of precision.
I drive a wedge through the edge of your esophagus
through muscle and I’m surprised how tough it is.
You simper while despairing
your flesh tearing
Ah, that would give satisfaction...
Enough of talking! Time for action.
I go to the garden shed,
my heart beats like a drum
I sharpen up my axe
and wait for night to come.
I sneak in through the back door
and creep into her room.
She’s sleeping very deeply.
The final sleep of doom!
Outside the wind howls.
Soon she‘ll be no more!
Then, half-asleep, she growls
„It’s drafty! Shut the door!“
Yes, dear! Of course, I’ll close the door.
Yes, dear! No, I won’t bother you any more.
Yes, dear! The draft? I’ve shut the window tight.
Yes, dear! You‘re right, dear. Good night!
Perhaps, I should
just chop some wood...

Ja, Schatz!

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