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I Love

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I love, I love, I love the song
That you sang to me often
I love, I love, I love the songs
That remind of us being 15
At 15, we dreamed of leaving
To Venice or elsewhere, remember
Remember, like we were happy
When we danced the two of us
That’s right, I wouldn’t dare embarrass you
But you know, I’ve forgotten nothing
And tell me, tell - what have you become
I am married you well know
I love, I love, I love the photo
Where you take me in your arms
And I love, I love, I love the words
Of love that you told me soothingly
I love you like the first time
But you see, nothing is as it was before
Today you, you live far from me
And the world is different
I know well, to each his own
And we will never again be 15
Don’t forget that we had promised
To love one another for a lifetime
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