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Can you hear her sing

This is a story about something that for one isnt nik and jay
But its about a girl we met
She told us her story
She was 10 when she changed school again
3 times in 2 years.. it was like a routine
And she already knew what was waiting for her at home
The same show, same hate, the same comments
She was the class’s ’big girl’
School was like hell
She only played the same games..
And it was always only with herself..
She was just looking for a little help..
But quickly she gave up..
She learned to hate herself, her face, her body.
Pretended to be sick just so she didnt have to deal with the pain
She was scared
Always cried herself to sleep
And her mom didnt give a damn when she rarely was home
She was the smallest of 4 kids
No one really cared about her
Her step dad drank
And if he got the chance
She’d get a slap or two
But only if mom didnt see
So you could find her at the local playground
Totally messed up, crying on a swing
And if you listened well, you could hear her sing
You can hear her sing
Whoa whoa x2
She was at a private party, a fucked up one of a kind
Confused, broken, couldnt find the rythm
She felt happy, but only when she was smashed
But she ended up, as always, drinking way too much
Stunned by the booze
Half naked in a bed
And a boy beside her, because the door wasnt locked
She was so tired
She just couldnt fight it
Closed her eyes, trying not to mind it
Thinking about her dream
Being a singer in a band
And to be on the front page of magazines, have loads of fans
But fall soon followed
And she turned out pregnant
But she just didnt even care
People pointed at her
And yelled at her on the street
Lonely men visited her, more and more recent
Cause she neded money for booze, drugs, baby clothes and diapers
But they took the child away from her
And all she could think of, was just
Just let hell start..
And you could hear her sing
You can hear her sing
Whoa whoa x2
Now she’s writing poems, about light and darkness.. mostly darkness..
Shes screaming for help
But nobody hears her
She’s standing at the station, all alone
Its slightly snowing..
She’s on her way home
Early morning
She puts on her favorite CD
All alone in her room.. with a glass of pills
Closing her eyes
She’s ready
Whispers to the angels
Come and take me away from here
Looking at herself in the mirror
Just crying slightly
Cursing the love that she never got
Someones knocking on her door
But she hears nothing
She just cant wait, to go to the place where she was meant
And you can hear her sing
yes you can hear her sing
Whoa whoa x2
He sighs with relief, after the doctors tell him she’s stable
For 12 hours he just sat there, waiting
Waiting to see her eyes open one more time
After he found her, cold and lifeless in her bed
She doesn’t remember that much
And she doesn’t really recognize him
He just smiles and kisses her forhead one more time
He always loved her
But never did anything to show it
She just got way too far away
To even realise that
But when he takes her hand
And caresses her hair softly
Something tells her that
This could be the right thing
She’s still here
And no longer as scared
She closes her eyes
And enjoys someone heard her song
You can hear her sing
Whoa whoa x2
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Kan du høre hende synge

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