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Nobody notices it

Pale scars from the last day
Been a long time, but it's there daily.
No cure helps
The pain throbs
I hope that it will be better with time.
This world passes me by
Much to fast for me to understand
How it could go on.
I find no end
And I ask myself if you know it.
Nobody notices it, when I go down tonight.
Cold water, dragging me into the quiet
Nobody there when the eternity surrounds me
Scars never pale.
And I open my eyes wide
See nothing but the shape
I used to have in the past
When I could still fight.
Today I am simply much too
Weary of this dirt.
I've ripped myself so much
I want none of it anymore
The flight from loneliness.
Inskickad av SteenaSteena Sön, 19/02/2017 - 05:44
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Keiner merkt es

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