Kort Biografi Med Litet Testamente. ( översättning till engelska)

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Short Biography with a Small Testament

I betrayed a friend in Mexico City long ago
I don't know why I never said sorry
I've been in custody at Skara's police station
Since then, I've stayed away from there
I sang "Den blomstertid nu kommer" with the others
To miss Berg's pump organ-tunes
I stood in the classroom with slicked down hair and
tried remembering all the words
And you know I never cry when I'm on furnerals
But when I watch TV I bawl like a child
I've forgotten my first kiss
But I so clearly remember when I got Rolle Stoltz' autograph
I spotted The Clash on the big hotel in Örebro
Then it never got than that
I've been threatened with death on a boat going to Morocco
Fallen in love on a hotel in Alingsås
But nowadays I live a tranquil life
I watch the days come and then they run right by
And I think it's true what they say in Sahara
Every grain of sand has a number
I have my roots in the Flädie village near Lund
I didn't even know about it a year ago
I think I remember where I was when they landed on the moon
I read Buster & The Phantom
I've left the country so many times
I've lost count long ago
Truth is, I'm a typical Swede
And I know I'm guilty of trying for a great amount of years
To escape being with myself
Please, when the time has come
When my number has come forth
When, when, when it's time
When my number has come forth
Not halfway out to Farsta
Not among all the pine trees out there
Not halfway out to Farsta
Not halfway out to Farsta
Ooooh lalallalallalal...
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Translated by: Jordskalv
Inskickad av JordskalvJordskalv Sön, 28/07/2019 - 11:27
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"Den Blomstertid Nu Kommer", (literally translated as "Now the time of blossoming arrives") is a song you usually sing in school when it ends, or is about to end, for the summer.


Kort Biografi Med Litet Testamente.

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