La Te3tab 3alayi ( översättning till engelska)


La Te3tab 3alayi

لا تعتب عليّي أخّرني القمر
ضيعتنا هنيّة وطالعلا السهر
يا خجلة عينيّي لو يعرفوا فيّي
لومك مش عليّي لومك عالقمر
قلتلّك يا جاري احميني من الهوى
نحنا بالبراري تربّينا سوى
ما تاري سوى إنت وهالهوى
اتّفقتوا عليّي وما عندي خبر
حلّفتني إمّي ما حاكي حدا
قالتلي يا إمّي إيّاك العِدا
إنت مش حدا ولا أنت العدا
إنت الـ بعينيّي رابي من الزهر
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Don't Blame Me

Don't blame me, the moon made me late,
Our town is joyful, and its people often stay up late.
But oh, my shame, if they know about me-
It's not me who is to blame, it is the moon.
I told you, oh neighbour, protect me from love,
You and I, in the prairies, we grew up together,
It appears now that you and love,
Conspired against me, without me knowing.
My mother made me swear not to speak to anyone,
She also warned me against bitterness,
But you are not anyone,
Nor are you bitterness.
You're the one that's in my eyes,
Borne of roses.
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