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The Light of the Fire

The light from the fire in the night
Is comforting, refreshing me
The worry is settling in the face
What is there far in the dark?
The fire in front of my eyes
Is burning as hot as the heart
I am waiting by the light from the fire
Maybe someone will wander here from the dark
Burn, give light and don't extinguish
Warm up the hands
Caress the open eyes,
Be the only home
Even if my own
Lit up in the night.
Maybe someone will stop by the fire
Maybe they will miss the warmth
For the one, who wanders in the night
The light from the fire will be the hope.
The stars have risen highly
They are greeted by the Milky Ways
The fire will substitute me the stars
Will give me the light and the warmth
Burn, give light and don't extinguish,
Warm up the hands,
Caress the open eyes.
Be the only home
Even if my own
Lit up in the night.
The fire will burn for long
What could substitute its light for me?
Even the all-powerful night
Will not dare to blow it out.
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Laužo šviesa

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