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I'm carrying myself behind you

I've been carrying myself behind you for months
Searching an answer
Tell me if you don't love me anymore
Because if not I will go away with another girl
In the street I'm floating, satining, cating a bacillus
That's what I'm looking for
I'm floating, satining, cating a bacillus
Where everybody should be dancing
A good feeling, good way back it was left
That's about waiting since in the past it was left
A called your friend to float with her but she didn't stay
She left in order to
Guess why I've always got new clothes
Every weekend
Now I leave at night and I return in the morning
As I'm not dependent on anyone, I do what I like
With my gang I'll throw the house out of the window
Have you heard
You thought you were unthinkable
Have you heard
I've got an enviable life
Have you heard
Don't look for the culpable here
Think twice about who's talking, the inevitable has arrived
Yes x4
If they said I treated you bad, there are 20 more
That's why you're abusing, as I was different
You're intelligent, you tried to make me fall in love
But these actions, what they've done is to take me away
Throw me into a place where the light is lightened
Where the alcohol is good from the kisses on my mouth
Where my skin goes scrummy from the girls that like me
To make things in bed that you don't like
Papa Yanky tu
Plano B
Chorus x2
I see in you a coquette
Many things more than just buttocks
I know what happens in the waters
And I don't dive, I'm going to float
I leave you, bye bye, my gang is waiting
I feel that I'll drink to the bottom
I don't behave badly, but she is different
In fact I forget what people are saying
I've got rhyme, panchi, oranijiati
My pockets are full of show, they call me the ticket master
Chair, when, how if you don't mind at all
Yet I know it will hurt you that someone else will play the pipe
If you love me hit yourself, if you don't love me get away
But I stand up from the chair, I'll steal her her lips
The machine is ready by now, I'm going to the bacillus directly
The cat is waiting for me, the gang, with a lot of baiting at digimon.
Chorus x2
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Llevo tras de ti

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