make ends meet

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Idiomatic translations of "make ends meet"

get by
keep one’s head above water
joindre les deux bouts
Arrivare alla fine del mese
llegar a fin de mes
über die Runden kommen

Meanings of "make ends meet"


to just barely manage, financially

Example: It's not easy to make ends meet with a big family, but somehow we manage.

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far quadrare i conti

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związać koniec z końcem

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сводить концы с концами

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"make ends meet" i sångtexter

MoTrip - The Way You Are

The others asked you, "Is he a good match for you?
Is he even able to articulate himself properly?"
To make ends meet
I gave these people rides

Linton Kwesi Johnson - England Is A Bitch

When they give you your first wage packet<fn>your first check</fn>
first they rob it with a big tax bracket<fn>they take off from your wages any city/state taxes.</fn>
you have to struggle to make ends meet
and when you go to bed you just can't sleep.

Sam Fender - Play God

All the suits in cladded feet
Sewer rats will shower the underground
In a race to make ends meet

Taconafide - Tamagotchi

For always when I hit the city, the rumour is spreading
An old friend is asking, how much money did the "Szprycer"**** made
Strange, he wasn't answering the phone when I couldn't make ends meet
Now he would like to have a photo, would like to have a photo

Mariana Aydar - Zé do Caroço

that Zé do Caroço works
that Zé do Caroço struggles
And where he tries to make ends meet

Paul Anka - Papa

Everyday my papa worked
To help to make ends meet
To see that we would eat

Krankšvester - What Do You Know About That?

It's less. Dealers, have you no shame?
You make ends meet, brother, there's no dough for speed
Children sniff glue, they will lose their eyesight

Joaquin Sabina - With You

I don't want to save for tomorrow,
Don't ask me to make ends meet,
I dont' want to eat an apple,

Guy Sebastian - Choir

Yeah, yeah we fill up all our days with
Workin' and grindin' just to make ends meet
Too busy to call we'll catch up next week

Glasperlenspiel - Royals & Kings

We are as we are
We aren't Royals or Kings
Our grandmothers aren't queens, they have to make ends meet
But I think, it's alright

Sexion d'Assaut - I'm still standing

It touches me, but I'm still standing
I’m touched but I'm still standing
I'm trying to make ends meet
It hurts but I'm still standing

The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony

'Cause it's a bittersweet symphony, this life
Try to make ends meet
Try to find some money then you die

Mayday - Party Animal

I want to be a monster rather than a pet. oh oh oh oh oh oh

You can't make ends meet. Utilities and rent. Achievements and missions.
The bubble-like life is so much hard

El Puchero del Hortelano - I want to know

The king and his cannons
Twenty lancers
And even if I'm struggling to make ends meet
I am full of hope

Xzibit - My Name

Let's see who really want their name in the streets
Let's see who wanna die the same time as me
And make ends meet
Now was I blessed with a gift or cursed with a curse

Li Rong Hao - Young and Promising

We had a common wish
A roof over our heads
To make ends meet, worked day and night,couldn’t even afford the downpayment.
The wallboard I smashed,

Gamper & Dadoni - Bittersweet Symphony

[Verse 1]
'Cause it's a bitter sweet symphony this life
Trying to make ends meet, you're a slave to money then you die
I'll take you down the only road I've ever been down

John Farnham - You're The Voice

We have the chance to turn the pages over
We can write what we want to write
We gotta make ends meet, before we get much older
We're all someone's daughter

Les sœurs Boulay - The Death of the Stars

If it's all over, if there's no more hope
And we must join the ranks
To make ends meet, without squeezing too hard
The noose of the slip knot

Run–D.M.C. - It's Like That

People in the world tryin to make ends meet
You try to ride car, train, bus, or feet