Meigalho ( översättning till engelska)

portugisiska, Gaeliska
portugisiska, Gaeliska


Tenho os olhos cegados de beleza
E, na noite que vivo, o meu esprito
Vê outro mundo, mais formoso e infinito
Do que mostra este mundo na crareza.
Libertado de medos e rijeza
Viaja ledo nas sombras, irrestrito,
Este nume que foge do que é escrito
E renasce no lume da pureza.
Oh cegueira de amor e de alegria!
Enche a vista desta alma penitente
Com imagens vibrantes de euforia!
Quero ver, não as luzes do presente,
Mas as ondas de escura profecia
Que farão-me feliz eternamente.
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översättning till engelska engelska (metrisk, poetisk, rimmar)
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Both my eyes, by true beauty, have been blinded
And within this dark night, my soul envisions
A new world that knows glory, not divisions
That this world and its light always reminded.
Free at last from all fear and cold and starkness,
Can now travel in joy, beyond privation,
The unwritten delights of inspiration,
Which grow lush in the purest flames of darkness.
Oh sweet blindness of love and moments merry!
Fill my sight, bless my spirit and its penance
With glad scenes of delight, great and unwary!
I want not the harsh present, but transcendence
Through clear prophecy's waves, which never tarry
As they bring me the joys of independence.
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Detta är en poetisk översättning - avvikelser från originalet förekommer (ytterligare ord, ytterligare eller utelämnad information, utbytta koncept).
Inskickad av MetodiusMetodius Tis, 21/09/2021 - 10:49

As always, I must note that this translation retains the overall thematic essence and structure of the original Portuguese poem, while making the necessary adjustments to ensure that English readers will find it coherent, musical and acceptable as per the English literary canon. Thanks.

Francesc A. (Metodius): Topp 3
MetodiusMetodius    Tis, 21/09/2021 - 11:32

I'm so glad that you like this - thank you for your comment! Regular smile

Have a lovely day!

Flora LamaFlora Lama    Tis, 21/09/2021 - 11:36

Metered....rhyming.....perfect! Have a nice day too!

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