Milonga del consorcio ( översättning till engelska)

översättning till engelska engelska

Milonga of the condominium

I was born in a tenement house
of the street Olavarria
Then I moved to a condominium
to appear in the phone guide
If you knew, deary me
what a mess is my life
Meetings every day
for hot or cold water
A committee was made
to outcry at the lobby
There's a red carpet
on saturdays and sundays.
The manager is a gringo
who never shows up.
Rubber plants and pots,
popes and hanged clothes,
and a pekinese puppy
barking at the dawn
to the third floor parrot
that whistles some melody
We must rob the doorman
for the grocery man to take part,
the market man, the soda guy
also the dry cleaner
The tubes get broken,
There's dampness on the walls
The heater, the elevator
It's been a month they don't work
And the doorman calls a John Doe
who's a technician in whatever
For appearing in the phone guide
I moved from Olavarria
to a downtown street
I left the old tenement house
I changed balcony for loft
all for looking elegant.
Now you see brother, why
I would return again
to my old tenement house
of the street Olavarria

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Milonga del consorcio

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