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My Admiral

The sea is hidden behind the fog
In the gray sky, in the clouds torn away
Behind the horizon far away
Caravan is going along the way
This mine trail needs to deceive
Our ships
The sailors are waiting for orders, and admiral for a sign
A hurricane is ready to break
Blue sea, blue sea, sunsets to pains
Blue sea and the smell of rain, yet fog
Blue sea, calm before the war
He read her letter again and again
Only three words: stay alive, admiral
And, the water waves and roars
Salvo after salvo, hail of mine fire
And admiral is with us
The sea, the war and the lonesome love
We raise the flag and cry out: hurray!!
For the faith, for the king
And he quietly whispers, like a prayer
Only three words: stay alive admiral
My admiral so far away, my beloved friend, you hear
With great affection I think of your life
And if you'd only knew, I'd give everything to see you, hear and touch you my dear
My admiral, I surely know that one day we'll be together
And if not on this world, then in hereafter
My admiral, I'll wait for you, I' ll wait forever
Only three words: stay alive admiral
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Moj Admiral (Мой Адмирал)

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StrelokStrelok    Sön, 22/11/2009 - 18:43

I have found alternate lyrics, "Она шепчет тихо, как молитву слова," instead of "А нашепчет тихо, как молитву слова," Does this change meaning at all?

inciskainciska    Tis, 24/11/2009 - 17:19

Aha! I figure it out now!! YES!! It should be "Она шепчет"!! cos I have never heard the word нашепчет, and I pondered over it to figure out what it really could be! I thought нашепчет came from шепчет and translated it as if it was шепчет. Now I see... And the meaning is "she whispers".