Before the moment (hebrew version) ( översättning till engelska)


Before the moment (hebrew version)

regesh yoter amok me'ahava
mizman hitgala beshiv'at hayamim
veze lo meshane ma tihiye mish'alti
ani mavtikha, ani lo a'vater le'olam
ve'im tishma bekhi shel kokhav
eyn shum siba le'orer de'aga
hakashekha makdima tazrikha
ze siman she'od haboker yavo
ani eshlakh avkat tikva me'ever leshiv'at yamim
vehi tahafokh le'or movil asher ya'ir me'al masa'enu la'ad
regesh yoter amok me'ahava
meni'a oti veshomer al khayay
it'akhed hakakhol bashamaim bayam
yotser agada al khayey kokhavim
ve'en li brera ela leha'amin
bakhozek sheyesh bi kemo she'ani
vehayom ani kvar betukha be'atsmi
she'en derekh shona mehaderekh shepo muli
yashar el libkha
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Before the Moment

A deeper feeling than love
has long since been discovered in the seven seas
And it doesn't matter what my wish will be
I promise, I will never give up
And it you'd hear the cry of a star
There's no reason to worry
The darkness precedes the sunrise
It's a sign that morning would soon come
I will send a dust of hope beyond the seven sea
And it will turn into a light that would shine above our journey forever
A deeper feeling than love
moves me and keeps my life safe
The blue of the sky shall unite with the sea
Making a tale of the life of the stars
And I have no choice but to believe
in the strength that I have, just as I am
And now I am sure of myself
that there is no other way than the one right in front of me
Straight into your heart
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