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låttexter av How Dare You

  • Artist: The Mutants Medverkande artist: Judy Nylon

How Dare You

How dare you
How dare you leave me
My spine ripped out, bleeding on the sand
My guts strung out in the sun
How dare you even imagine a clean getaway
How dare you
You will never see me
I will never call you
But you will hear me whisper soft and constant
If memory is night and I'm a shadow
I'm never out of range
I'll be back in the eyes of a beautiful strange
I'll be there on the hand that brushes your cheeck
I'll be your every dream shatter
And in every lie you cannot speak
I will be the one flaw in your story darling
How dare you
How dare you
How dare you
Inskickad av Kevin RainbowKevin Rainbow Mån, 15/08/2022 - 06:18


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