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Pomegranate Seed

I still miss walking with you
I still plant geraniums in the garden with your breath
I'm still in love with you, my little moon, from my heart and soul
With those earrings, colored like pomegranate seeds
With all the sorrows of my life, still under the rain
Do you believe or not?
I'm in love, but no
I'm crazy about you
This repetitive story
This forced separation
Drove me crazy
I'm still in love, I'm worrying about your eyes
I'm still crazy, I left your photo on my eyes
Still, the scent of the air in our house smells like rain and incense
Still, my memories, autumn, leaves, and the smell of smoke
Except for thoughts of you, there was no one in my heart
It was supposed to be that you would present me the sky
Not that you go and leave me alone 1000 times
You knew that if you go I will die and go crazy
I will live with all the sorrows of the sky
Do you believe or not?
I'm in love, but no
I'm crazy about you
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