Ne lomi me ( översättning till engelska)

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Don't break me

Like the scent of aged wine
I will enjoy this silence
I know there is no salvation with others
It's your voice I need
Not knowing what to do,
Should I scream,
To stand in the rain the whole night
Before your door
Until I die
God is my witness that I'm alone
Nowhere to go, but somewhere I'm running
These days I almost flow
Whoever asks me about you
I'm silent, they can read my face
A sea of beautiful young faces
But one detail they are missing
That there is only one
Who is worth my tears
One thing I know - now I'm alone
Don't break me, I don't
Know for myself anymore
I'm still alive, but
I'm dead without you
In my love there is still
A lot of love
How do I forget
I never was a poet
Nor ever lovesick
My my love shudders for you
Searching through numbers and addresses
To find you, to tell you
Anything you want I'll agree to
Just for you to return to me
I beg you to understand me
[Chours 2x]
Inskickad av LumosnightLumosnight Mån, 12/03/2012 - 17:56

Ne lomi me

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