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Not in my name

If I was a God of any tradition-
Any blessing and popular world religion
- of which religion doesn't matter at all -
then I'd have to say something that concerns you all, because
There's something you've completely misunderstood
And it's not the first time that happens
All that hatred and all the suffering
You're responsible for worldwide
Fleeing, expulsion and all those human dramas,
Submission, war and genocide
Of which you claim to be the word of God
All of that happens not in my name!
If you colonize land you don't possess
Expel the population and destroy their towns
and all the drives for freedom go down again
because you don't want to live their together, but alone
because you think you are the chosen people
Then you don't act in my name!
If you destroy cultures a thousand years old
And construct your funky palaces on the ruins
And claim to act for the weak and poor
When by self-claimed servants of God on earth
Children are mistreated and exploited
Then this would never happen in my name!
If hypocritically, rigidly and unworldly
You disregard your women and submit them
Because of your too holy values
According to which a woman is not allow to contradict
but is imprisoned and enslaved
Then you don't act in my name!
And if for instance your daughter stops to hold still
to endure, but wants to live up to her own standards
Instead of miming her mother's servility
And if then she is degraded, hurt, high-jacked
Expelled or even murdered by you
Then you don't act in my name!
If you smack down homosexuals
Insult them or chase them through the streets
Because they dared hugging each other publicly
If you treat women like deer that you can
Touch or rape if you feel like it
Then you don't act in my name!
If you massacre believers of other faiths
And execute critics of the regime
Without any emotion and without grace
When you entertain and amuse yourself by
publicly cutting of other peoples' heads
You don't act in my name!
And if you spill blood again unscrupulously
by indifferently shooting innocent people
who didn't manage to get away in time
And if you decorate yourself with explosives
And blow yourself up in the middle of a crowd
You don't act in my name!
You're nor martyrs nor in honest revenge
You're simply godless criminals
And believe me, you're one of the worst
If you destroy what I created
Then I don't want you to count back on me
Because you don't act in my name!
On the contrary,
you change this planet into a dark, intolerable one
And smother the esteem of those who came in peace
It's about time somebody is standing up to your madness
this cruelty
Because you don't act in my name!
Because you don't act in my name!
Shalom, Inshallah, Amen
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Nicht in meinem Namen

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