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There's nothing left

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There's nothing left but to lose myself in an abyss
Of sadness and tears
There's nothing left
But to hold myself up in my defeat
And to raise my cup and wish you happiness
There's nothing left
If today your return
Is impossible
And this, which wasn't love, what you now deny
What you say never happened
Is my life's sweetest memory
I held on to hope
At the bottom of my soul
I thought someday you would stay with me
And I still had hope
That fed the heart
My heart, which today has to see you as only a friend
And although I was in love and totally wrong
I don't care
Because this was really love
For me, it was the sweetest, the greatest love
And even if you always renounce it, for me
It was the most beautiful thing
It was the most beautiful thing
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