once and for all

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Idiomatic translations of "once and for all"

once and forever
Une bonne fois pour toutes
Μια για πάντα
אחת ולתמיד
Раз и навсегда
ein für allemal
раз - і вже навік
Раз і назавжди

Meanings of "once and for all"



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İlk ve son olarak.

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"once and for all" i sångtexter

Maluma - Basic Instinct

And it's not because I stopped loving you (stopped loving you)
It's my basic instinct
Once and for all, today I want to confess to you
But don't take it personally

Artik & Asti - Sad Dance Tune

Don't expect a drunk text in response
Now I have no more doubts, and my heart will lead me again
This time it's over once and for all

National Anthems & Patriotic Songs - Independence March

And tears of blood shall, oh Lord, spill out from my every wound,
And my lifeless body shall burst forth from the earth like an eternal spirit,
Perhaps only then, shall I peacefully ascend and at long last reach the heavens.[fn]The image being painted here is that of a battle-fallen and pain-stricken patriot, who becomes ecstatic following the victorious end of the War of Independence. Despite not having a headstone at their final resting place, this is a person whose mind, body and soul have at long last found peace, and may thus finally ascend and reach the heavens, knowing that their homeland is safe and sound once and for all, and that all their suffering was worth it in the end.[/fn]

Rosalía - Before I Die

Before I die

Let's get out of here once and for all
And if we ever come back, let it only be to make it rain

Juan Magan - Let yourself go

Without thinking of that type
I want to take the time
And to tell you once and for all
I want to be the one to turn

JONY - You Captivated Me

That distant heat-isn't a problem
When I'm around, only you admit it
Take away once and for all, forever
I realized it all at once

Ishay Ribo - Once and for All

Really and truly, once and for all
With no screens, with no masks, without wanting to please
Really and truly, once and for all

Steven Universe: The Movie (OST) - Other Friends

I got a new style and a few new toys
That are gonna put an end
To your happily ever after, once and for all!</em>

Los Ángeles Azules - The Ribbon in your Hair

until the end.
Provoke me with your lips,
make me yours once and for all
because I'm eager for you,

Day6 - If We Meet Again

We fall in love with someone else,
The pain and the sadness that resides deep in our memories
We will surely forget them once and for all
The words that follow me around since that day

Carlos Vives - Cold sweat drop

On the day of Virgin Mary,
Or he'll defeat me, or I'll defeat him there
So as to finish that argument once and for all

Bülent Ersoy - Hope Thief

I won't be fooled so easily again
I won't put myself into the fire once more
I left him once and for all
I have become wiser by suffering from him

Bushido - Mephisto

He gathered his courage and faced his fears
No masquerade, because the truth lasts the longest
He wiped the slate clean, once and for all
His heart knows, you can't pay with your soul

Maná - Hopefully I Could Erase You

How can I erase your kisses, love
They're tattoo's on my skin
I want once and for all, to let loose of you
And erase you from my being

Luis Miguel - You

That is all I have left
You are my hope, my last hope
Understand once and for all

La Femme - So where is the world going ?

A long way behind me
Yes, that drama was good
For silencing my shocked expression once and for all
I'm leaving like I came, even more disappointed

Lola Beltrán - Black Dove

where my friends assure me that you go.
There are moments when I would prefer to give up
and pull out, once and for all, the nails of my grief.
But my eyes die if they don't look at yours,

Enrique Iglesias - Tell me

Tell me sweetly, tell me loudly
Tell me loudly, tell me sweetly
Tell me once and for all

Prince Royce - Set me free

oh set me free, woman!
don't be so cruel (don't be so cruel)
once and for all, do it!

Mariana Aydar - Zé do Caroço

Oh how I wish there was someone like Zé do Caroço
in the Mangueira[fn]another famous favela in Rio[/fn] neighborhood where I grew up
So he could let people know once and for all
that Carnaval is not that kind of showbusiness