once and forever

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Idiomatic translations of "once and forever"

once and for all
Une bonne fois pour toutes
Μια για πάντα
אחת ולתמיד
Раз и навсегда
ein für allemal
раз - і вже навік
Раз і назавжди

Meanings of "once and forever"


مرة و إلى الأبد

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Without end

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Για πάντα

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Una vez y para siempre

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"once and forever" i sångtexter

Rafet El Roman - Gonna Forget you, once and forever

I don't care if the moonlight is floating over the sea! I don't care if it's a new day and flowers are blooming! My love. My pain, don't bother! Don't get back, I don't want you anymore!

I don't care if you're holding somebody's else hand! I don't care if you're somebody's else! My love. My pain, don't bother! And I don't want you anymore, don't get back.

Don Omar - I want you for me

That I pass the night sleepless
If you want me like I want you
Let's finish once and forever with this game
Your beautiful body

Odysseas Elytis - The Monogram

This flower of the storm and do you hear me
Of love
We cut it once and forever
And it can't blossom in any other way,do you hear me

Elvin Grey - Black-eyed (girl)

It's not possible without together, others don't mean anything to us.
Hug me and don't leave me, i am your angel and you're my paradise.
Heaven tied us once and forever.

Pablo Alborán - Remember me

Stop the feet of that clock that control us
That it doesn't let us to be
Turn off the sun from once and forever

Misha Marvin - History

We wake up and we fall asleep,
We together dream about only one thing, to love!
For once and forever,
We wake up and we fall asleep,

Pablo Alborán - Remember me

So let's stop this controlling clock
That doesn't let us be
That cover the sun from once and forever

Terry - Not about love

Say that letting close is no longer fashionable.
Yes, and there are too difficult for us -
Once and forever.

Måns Zelmerlöw - Heroes

What if I'm the only hero left
You better fire off your gun
Once and forever

Nightwish - Nemo

My flower, withered between
The pages 2 and 3
The once and forever bloom gone with my sins

Ilias Kampakakis - IT IS SUPPOSED

something happened you on your way coming... it's supposed...

Your hurt doesn't bring you (to me), your silence manages make me ungry once and forever, (AND) kill my memories...

Andrey Gubin - Girls Like Stars

That shine in the sky till dawn,
One of them, I could come to love,
Once and forever, simply, no problem.
But if you're an ordinary guy,

Eskimo Callboy - Back In The Bizz

I'll tell you
Once and forever

Kipelov - Not Now

Only now, here in darkness
I've understood it once and forever -
There aren't' any reserve souls and heart

MakSim - Rain

To know meetings on hours,
To see by hands how long is left to breathe to me.
So once and forever
I would give all

Níkos Oikonomópoulos - Without any anger, oh, my sweetest love...

You are my love once and forever
But our sweet times are in the past
Remembering these lovely moments
I have no anger, you can trust me!

Mary Nikolska - I beg your pardon, Saint-Exupery!

Don't leave me one step away from danger!
Just trust me: I'm your friend
I'm truly yours, once and forever!

Emma Marrone - An Incredible Desire for Nothing

We've got so many who want to have got everything in hand
So many who wants to command only
Who manufacture pyramids to be remembered once and forever
But when I was 16, I wrote my first notes

Klingande - Losing U

Could save your life, I would)

Once and forever we close this door
The one that leads to heaven, on the second floor

Naviband - Once and forever

Someone at night, someone in daytime -
Sets fire inside and burns in flames.
Once and forever
You will become my blood,