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Pray for me

Are you going to pray for me,
or talk about me?
Are you going to pray for me?
All I wanted was
to buy a house for my mother,
for my father to rehabilitate.
To make happy my sister
and my brothers, but
with them I lose and with her I win.
To ensure the future of my children
and of children of my children.
I wanted my wife to be proud
because from all roses
she keeps being the most beautiful, but..
I am a man with a lot of flaws,
maybe because I was trying to be perfect.
Maybe because of giving the priority to the whole world,
instead of giving it to myself first.
Sometimes the happiness of a tramp, hey
is more worthy than all of the money.
But I keep being a soldier
that endures in trenches .
The one that gives everything and expects nothing in return.
I ask myself if exists
someone who listens to me outside.
Someone who tells me "count on me, bro'"
Will there be a hug that transmits peace and calmness?
And one knee that shouts
for my soul.
(I am here my Lord, send me an angel.
Protect me, bless me)
Are you going to talk about me, talk about me
or pray for me?
Are you going to talk about me, talk about me?
I filled the bill
and I thought my problems have ended.
Mistaken I realised
that they have just begun.
And this career that I thought was going to change my life,
became one
damn street without a way out.
And although I can walk freely,
because of the fame I live like a prisoner in
free comunity. Like a nomad, without identity.
They throw me without mercy.
Lashes that have ripped the privacy out of my skin.
And where is that friend?
My question is how is he.
He only shows up if he needs something.
When I help him- I am good.
When I can't- I am bad.
I prefer an enemy for free,
than to buy a friendship.
Lord, I am talking to you
but I still feel lost.
And it's clear for me that if you send me a punishment,
it's going to be well deserved.
But I am in your hands
and I thank you for your mercy.
Now give me the strength
to forgive to all those who hate me.
(Your presence is divine, send your angel.
Forgive me, protect me)
Are you going to talk about me, talk about me
or pray for me?
Are you going to talk about me, talk about me?
The strong one..
You need to get up.
But the strength of a leader
comes from the ultimate power.
You have the power,
open my eyes.
Open my eyes, Holy Spirit.
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Ora por mi

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