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Float One's Boat engelska-
In donkey's ears engelska-
Enough something to choke Caligula's horse engelska-
A non-denial denial engelska-
Feel the crunch engelska-
Have one's back against the wall engelska-
Lie low engelska-
Can find it in one's heart engelska-
Get a taste for something engelska-
eine (neue/andere) Sau durchs Dorf treiben/ jagen tyska-
Be flat broke engelska-
Not have a red cent engelska-
Not have two pennies to rub together engelska-
Be in queer street engelska-
Not have a penny to bless oneself with engelska-
Give them an inch and they'll take a mile engelska-
A nod and a wink engelska-
No more than ninepence in the shilling engelska-
A wise man of Gotham engelska-
I've seen better heads on nickel beers engelska-
Can't see a hole in a ladder engelska-
Couldn't pour water out of a boot engelska-
Have nothing between one's ears engelska-
Not know enough to come in out of the rain engelska-
One brick shy of a load engelska-
Go fight city hall engelska-
Culture vulture engelska-
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue engelska-
Eat high off the hog engelska-
Have red-carpet treatment engelska-
Full of holes engelska-
Clamp down on engelska-
Be too hot to handle engelska-
Put teeth into something engelska-
Chuck one's weight around engelska-
Be on a power trip engelska-
Get up a full head of steam engelska-
Close ranks with someone engelska-
Come to grips with engelska-
Ride a tiger engelska-
Use a sledgehammer to crack a nut engelska-
Put somebody in a hole engelska-
Bust a gut engelska-
Nickel-and-dime someone to death engelska-
Be one of life's great mysteries engelska-
Bring something to bear engelska-
Beggar belief engelska-
Be thrown into the scale of something engelska-
Serve as the driving force behind someone engelska-
Miss the cushion engelska-
Knock the hell out of somebody engelska-
Beat someone’s brains out engelska-
A poison-pen letter engelska-
Zehir zemberek turkiska-
Queer someone's own pitch engelska-
Give someone forty minutes of hell engelska-
Bring something crashing down around one engelska-
Zehir etmek turkiska-
Zar tutmak turkiska-
Zaman kazanmak turkiska-
Zaman kollamak turkiska-
Hustle one's bustle engelska-
Cut someone to the bone engelska-
Have a light bulb go off in one's brain engelska-
Feed something to someone engelska-
Play ducks and drakes with engelska-
Go nuclear engelska-
Poke mullock at someone engelska-
Poke borak at someone engelska-
Let the grass grow beneath one's feet engelska-
Be put out of sorts engelska-
Be put out of humour engelska-
Have a mind as sharp as a steel trap engelska-
Show the cloven hoof engelska-
Throw a hissy fit engelska-
Mad enough to spit nails engelska-
Mad enough to chew nails engelska-
Be mad enough to kick a cat engelska-
Get hot under the collar engelska-
Have a face like thunder engelska-
Be like a cat on tin roof engelska-
Be like a cat on hot bricks engelska-
Look like thunder engelska-
Get snowed engelska-
Cost a King's ransom engelska-
Take somebody down a peg engelska-
Jump off the deep end engelska-
The elevator doesn't go all the way to the top engelska-
As sharp as a tack engelska-
Clever dick engelska-
A brain box engelska-
Quick on the trigger engelska-
Quick on the uptake engelska-
Fire-breather engelska-
Crooked as a dog's hind leg engelska-
Crooked as a barrel of fish hooks engelska-
Turn an honest penny engelska-
Line one's own pockets engelska-
Speak with forked tongue engelska-
Sell someone a bill of goods engelska-