Propaganda ( översättning till engelska)

översättning till engelska engelska


Per e Cussar kom zubra
Roman a kum stak ha
Orbit i kam ta Bura
Praktik i ka tem Pla
Ako palip Setera
Geri assam po Lar
Ar Tiku lar nim stri da
Word of mouth
Purat e kant da Wida
Re pubika zen Tor
O malo ben direda
Prediga com stak hor
A men unjazu meda
Ge räde machtpo Lit
Arma ni a dekt Adra
Word of mouth
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The larger part of this song may be written in a fantasy language, therefore no translation so far

tyska, Constructed Languagetyska, Constructed Language


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ScieraSciera    Sön, 20/09/2015 - 15:51

I've updated the original lyrics, they contained some mistakes. Not that it matters much here.
In some cases I'd say it is possible to assume a meaning of the meanings here, though. For example, "Ge räda machtpo Lit" sounds exactly like "Gerede, Macht, Polit"